Top 5 Interesting News All Over the World

News is what makes the day going, and nothing goes on without having news to set the agenda for the day or week. The growth of media for the previous prominent outlets like radio and television to the evolving new media that brings every news close to you. Today almost everybody today gets into social media platforms to look for news that will kick-start their day. Only exciting news catch the eyes of many and people always go for the most captivating news items. The world is a manufacturer of news and every single day you will not lack new events some unusual taking place. However, the story depends on what kind of news you love if you like sports or fashion you will always be looking for interesting news in your favorite niche.


What is the most interesting news currently?


News consumption depends on the niche the consumers loves thus sometimes it’s hard to tell which news is exciting. And although best diet to lose belly fat would have made top 1, there are more pressing matters.  However here are some of the news stories that might be interesting even if they don’t appear anywhere on your newsfeed.


  1. Police using crime predictor software


There is new software in town that police will use to tighten security in urban centers since it can read man’s mind and predict the next move his taking. The story is fascinating and it would be better if you understand how this new technology will help in curbing insecurity in towns. The crime-predicting software has the ability and thinking of a man and could make police work more easy and exciting too.


  1. Rare photos of Titanic before and after sinking


Titanic cruiser which was the biggest to ever sail in those years remains on top of interesting stories that many people would love to consume to get a better understanding. Apart from the movie, many people don’t know much about the Titanic, and up to date people still look for any information relating the cruiser. The photos of Titanic will be an excellent source of getting the clear picture of this famous ship.


  1. Giant Andre photos

Andre is the man in history who weighed 250 kgs and could drink 150 bottles of beer in a single sitting. His pictures are real, but you could think its Photoshop due to his body since hence the name Giant. It can be interesting looking at his photos since even to date no man can match his weight and height.


  1. American hunting finishing the giraffe


Sub –Saharan Africa is blaming the American hunters for the drastic drop of the numbers of the giraffes which is now wanting. The American tourists are blamed for coming in the region to hunt down the giraffes for them to win the hunting trophy. This great story enjoys a lot of views due to the interest it has to many people to understand the hunting competition the Americans are playing in Africa.


  1. This Week in History


In history, a week like this had something important that took place, and people will love to know. The analysis of this week in history packages an excellent coverage of events that took place in some years back that you need to know today.


The above stories will be fascinating for you to follow up and read and get a better understanding of why they are attracting many readers.


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